Delaware Arborist & Tree Care Seminar

Save the date: Tuesday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 23.
Location: Delaware State Fairgrounds, Harrington, Delaware

Call for Presentations:
The Delaware Urban & Community Forestry Program is welcoming presentation proposals for the Arborist and Tree Care Seminar, October 22 and 23, at the Delaware State Fairgrounds, in Harrington.

We are looking to cover a variety of topics in the urban and community forestry profession. Some topics to consider are: Rigging, heavy equipment operation, common pests and diseases of urban trees, soil management, diagnosing problems, utility pruning, latest treatments, etc.
This annual two day conference is open to all and intended to enhance technical skills, discuss current topics, and network with other professionals engaged in urban and community forestry. Please provide a summary of the topic you would like to cover. Presentations should be one hour. Please feel free to share this with colleagues who may be interested in participating in the seminar. Thank you!

Kesha Braunskill at or Michael Martini at