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Carya illinoinensis

Pecan is one of the better-known hickories. The early settlers who came to America found pecans growing over wide areas. Farmers harvest the nuts after they have fallen from the tree because nuts on the tree are still growing. In addition to the commercial edible nut it produces, the pecan provides food for wildlife. Pecans are excellent for the home landscape, providing a source of nuts, furniture-grade wood, and aesthetic value.

Pecan is a member of the walnut family and its leaves grow in groups of 11 to 17. The pecan nut is long and pointed with a thin shell.

Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
24943 Broadkill Road, Milton 317 186 110 86
E side Conrail Road, Seaford 300 186 90 98
Odd Fellows Lodge #27, Laurel 280 157 98 99
105 Delaware Ave., Bridgeville 279 148 108 93