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Unusual Trees

Each of the following tree species meet one of the following criteria:

1.   They usually occur as shrubs in our native forest but very rarely will achieve tree size.

2.   They are non-native but not invasive, and are sometimes reported to the Delaware Forest Service.

3.   They are unusual species with only one or two known in the State.

Common Name, Latin NameLocationPointsC.B.H.HeightCrown
Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlanticaRockwood Museum and Park, Wilmington2341486489
Austrian pine, Pinus nigraHagley Museum, Wilmington99415417
Balsam fir, Abies balsameaRoss Mansion, Seaford2001098046
Cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus libaniBrandywine Cemetery, Wilmington2261505777
Colorado blue spruce, Picea pungensWilmington Country Club, Wilmington149816321
Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesiiBelmont Hall, Smyrna2301368153
English yew, Taxus baccataChrist Episcopal Church, Dover2351645467
European larch, Larix deciduaBrandywine Park, Wilmington1951067652
Fraser fir, Abies fraseri4353 Summit Bridge Rd., Middletown1931316039
Giant sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteumHagley Museum, Wilmington2361299357
Himalayan pine, Pinus wallichinaWinterthur, Wilmington30418610263
Incense-cedar, Calocedrus decurrensMarl Pit Rd., Middletown2451637337
Japanese umbrella pine, Sciadopitys verticillata3307 Heritage Drive, Wilmington49202612
Nikko fir, Abies homolepisWinterthur, Wilmington2131316858
Nordmann fir, Abies nordmanniana661 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle2731808244
Northern white-cedar, Thuja occidentalisBaynard Farm, Clayton1731006533
Norway spruce, Picea abiesWinterthur, Wilmington22911410542
Littleleaf linden, Tilia cordataRoss Mansion, Seaford3051979360
Red pine, Pinus resinosaBellevue State Park, Wilmington151747221
Tamarack, Larix laricina661 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle1941156652
Red mulberry, Morus rubra2158 Lighthouse Rd., Smyrna3312634880
White fringetree, Chionanthus virginicus661 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle81343550
Witch-hazel, Hamamelis virginianaHagley Museum, Wilmington64243327
Bladdernut, Staphylea trifolia1 Walker’s Mill Rd, Wilmington129724358