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London Planetree

London planetree

London planetree

London planetree 
Platanus x acerifolia

London planetree is a non-native hybrid of the  American sycamore that is also planted in Delaware. Because it is less susceptible to diseases and insect pests, it has become a popular roadside tree in urban areas. The bark commonly appears as either pale grey-green, smooth and exfoliating, or buff-brown and not exfoliating.  On mature specimens, the tree’s trunk can sometimes take on a warted appearance as it advances with age.

London planetree leaves are similar to sycamore, but may be more deeply lobed. There can also be 2 to 3 seed balls per stem.


Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
Winterthur, Wilmington 335 221 88 106
1191 Boyds Corner Rd., Middletown 320 205 95 80
2304 Delaware Ave., Wilmington 263 162 80 85