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Overcup Oak

Overcup oak

Overcup oak

Overcup oak 
Quercus lyrata

Overcup oak gets its common name from its acorn, which is almost entirely covered over by its cup. It can take from 25 to 30 years before the tree produces acorns, and they are one of the few white oaks whose seeds do not germinate until spring. Predominantly found on poorly-drained bottomlands,  it can reach up to 90 feet in height, but will usually be smaller. Its form and quality vary greatly throughout its range.

Overcup oak leaves are deciduous, 6 to 10 inches long, and separated into 5 to 9 rounded lobes by deep or shallow sinuses. Its acorns are fairly  flat and one-half to 1 inch long.


Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
8276 Shawnee Rd., Lincoln 212 126 65 82
8276 Shawnee Rd., Lincoln 203 115 72 65
8276 Shawnee Rd., Lincoln 182 103 66 51