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Eastern redcedar

Eastern redcedar

Eastern redcedar
Juniperis virginiana

Eastern redcedar is Delaware’s only native juniper, however, it is not a true cedar. Its red and white wood is known for being lightweight, aromatic, and durable, and it is often used to line closets and chests. Although it grows slowly, redcedar is still a very desirable landscape planting useful for windbreaks and screens. Shade-intolerant, it grows well in adverse conditions and its small blue berries are favored by birds.

Eastern redcedar is able to expand its range because its berries provide food for birds. Studies have shown that seeds digested by birds germinate more readily than ones that have not.

Eastern redcedar     Juniperus virginiana
Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
971 Cloverfield Lane, Houston 204 130 65 36
379 Stockley Road, Millsboro 194 126 58 42
Routes 9 and 518A, Georgetown 183 113 59 44