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River birch

River birch
Betula nigra

Birch trees in Delaware are usually found along streams and ponds, and are easily identified by their curling bark. Very hardy, birches can thrive in a wide range of conditions; therefore, they are often planted in urban areas and wetlands. Birch seeds can be eaten by wildlife. While some birches have wood with close-grained properties that are valued for furniture and flooring, this is not true of river birch.

Birch leaves are usually oblong with pointed, sharp-toothed edges. Birch beer is a popular carbonated drink made from the bark.



Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
971 Cloverfield Lane, Houston 240 114 110 63
Fawn and Newton Roads, Bridgeville 225 120 84 84
Paradise Alley, Harrington 213 117 78 74