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Ohio buckeye – Aesculus glabra
Horse-chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum
Sweet buckeye – Aesculus octandra
DuPont buckeye – Aesculus x duPontii

Buckeye is not native to Delaware (although a certain state in the Midwest is well-known as the “Buckeye State”) but it is widely planted because of its showy flowers and vibrant fall color. Its leaves have a distinctive palmĀ  shape with five leaflets, however its timber lacks commercial value.

Buckeye leaves are compound with five narrow oval leaflets. The fruit is a spiny capsule that contains two dark-brown, shiny seeds – each with a distinct “eye”.


Ohio buckeye Points C.B.H. Height Crown
1082 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin 202 117 73 49


Horse-chestnut Points C.B.H. Height Crown
Bellevue State Park, Wilmington 208 123 71 55
4185 St. George’s Rd., St. Georges 194 131 49 56


Sweet buckeye Points C.B.H. Height Crown
Hagley Museum, Wilmington 221 116 93 46


DuPont buckeye Points C.B.H. Height Crown
Hagley Museum 231 137 80 55