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Red maple

Red maple
Red maple

Red maple
Acer rubrum

While several maple species occur here, only red maple is common (in fact, it is the most numerous tree in Delaware).  Planted in urban areas for its colorful fall foliage, red maples adapt easily to most environments. Red maple produces reddish-colored flowers in springtime before the leaves appear. This is followed by the winged, V-shaped fruit (samara) that ripens in late spring or early summer.

Red maple leaves have 3 to 5 lobes with  coarsely-toothed edges. They turn a brilliant scarlet, orange or bright yellow color in fall.

Red maple – Acer rubrum
Redden State Forest¹ , Ellendale, DE2121346552
Redden State Forest², Ellendale, DE29017010658
32164 Townsends Road, Dagsboro, DE3482309784
Ellendale Tract ¹, Owens Tract²