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Southern Red Oak

Southern red oak

Southern red oak

Southern red oak
Quercus falcata

Southern red oak is a medium-sized deciduous tree that has leaves identifiable by a distinctive inverted bell shape at the base and a long, narrow central lobe. Its acorns are round in shape with a scaly cup that covers about one-third of the fruit. Southern red oak tends to be an upland tree that grows on dry, sandy, or clay soils and can reach over 80 feet in height.

Southern red oak leaves are identified by a central lobe that is somewhat narrower and longer than the others with 3 to 7 deeply separated lobes.


Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
East of Routes 13 & 14, Harrington 362 251 87 98
Tressler Mennonite Ch., Greenwood 334 238 72 96
6613 Carpenter Bridge Rd., Frederica 308 200 84 96