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English Walnut

English walnut

English walnut

English walnut
Juglans regia

Unlike the black walnut, English walnut is a non-native tree that is the source of the thin-shelled and easily-opened type of walnut most commonly produced for human consumption. Fast-growing and attractive, it is a landscape tree with a rounded spreading crown that does well in full sun and rich deep soils. The wood of the English walnut is considered moderately durable and easy to work with a straight grain. It is commonly used for furniture, cabinets, paneling, and veneer.

English walnut leaves are alternately arranged and oddly-pinnate with 5 to 9 leaflets. Like all walnuts, its twigs contain a chambered pith with tiny brown air spaces.


Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
39 South Main St., Camden 255 157 79 74