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Ginkgo biloba

Considered a “living fossil,” ginkgo is the oldest tree species in the world and a link between conifers and prehistoric plants. It is often planted in parks, gardens, along streets, and in urban areas because it is very hardy and resistant to disease. Male ginkgos are preferable because the fruit of female trees is messy and emits an offensive odor. Ginkgo is easily identified by its fan-shaped leaves that turn a brilliant yellow in the fall.

Ginkgo leaves have a unique fan shape. Extracts from ginkgo trees are sold as herbal supplements claiming to improve mental function and memory.

Ginkgo     Ginkgo biloba
Location Points C.B.H. Height Crown
201 Quintynnes Dr., Wilmington 309 177 108 95
State Housing Authority, Dover 308 198 90 79
959 Hazlettville Rd., Wyoming 303 217 68 74