Delaware Forest Service FY17 Annual Report

The Delaware Forest Service has issued its new  FY17 Annual Report for the Fiscal Year that ended on June 30, 2017.

In the past year, the Delaware Forest Service:

  •  The Delaware Forest Service awarded $94,383 to fund 34 supervised the planting of 38,750 seedlings on 69 acres of private land, developed 21 stewardship plans for 1,742 acres, and assisted one landowner with silvicultural practices on 180 acres.
  • In FY17, foresters issued 103 permits on 4,755 acres and conducted 131 site inspections.
  •  An estimated 31,725 visitors logged 34,167 user-days at Delaware’s three state forests with such popular activities as hunting, wildlife observation, hiking, and horseback riding.
  • Gave forestry educational programs to 8,869 participants
    on a variety of topics in Delaware schools, civic groups, and communities.
  • Delaware Forest Service staff also provided 67 fire education programs to 6,788 students,
    more than 50 percent of Delaware’s entire first-grade student body.
  • The DFS also dispatched 20-person wildland fire crews to Colorado/Wyoming
    in late July, 2016 and to southern Idaho in late August of 2016. In November, an engine
    crew assisted with fires in the Norton, Virginia area and an assortment of
    single resources were also mobilized at the national level to help control and
    contain large wildfires.