Delaware Tree Stewards

Our trees and forests are essential in protecting the lands and waters of the First State. By training and empowering citizens locally, we can ensure Delaware has a greener future.

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Join. Learn. Plant.

Trees need stewards.

Whether it’s a young tree or an old tree, they benefit from knowledge and care. When you become a Delaware Tree Steward you take an active role in taking care of trees, supporting local ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.

By completing training and networking with other stewards, graduates will be able to recognize opportunities and coordinate tree projects where they are needed most.


At the center of this program are workshops that provide the knowledge and conversation that make up a tree stewards training.

Spread over four sessions, the curriculum is complete once a tree steward has finished the sessions and participated in a Delaware Forest Service or partner organized planting event. Topics covered include: how trees work, tree planting, care, and procurement. Organization, advocacy, and fundraising will also be covered.

This is a great opportunity to connect with experts and learners alike.