Celebrating Delaware’s Tree Friendly Communities

Urban Forestry Outreach Coordinator Marcia Fox and Allison Brokaw of Westover Hills join to celebrate its status as a Delaware Tree Friendly Community. New signs are being installed to acknowledge recipients and promote the program.

For a video about the Tree Friendly Community Program in the Pot-Nets and Baywood communities in southern Delaware click here

The Delaware Tree Friendly Community Program is designed to honor those neighborhoods and homeowner associations in the First State that share a commitment to protecting and enhancing their urban forest resources. These communities recognize that urban trees provide a wide range of benefits to residents such as reduced energy costs, increased property values, and improved air and water quality.

A community can qualify for the honor by accomplishing three (3) of the following:

  1. perform an annual ceremony to promote community forests
  2. complete a tree project that enhances existing urban forests
  3. develop a community forestry management plan
  4. adopt a community tree ordinance that protects trees
  5. form a tree commission or tree board that serves as the guiding body for tree-related decisions
  6. have a tree budget of $1 per residential household. Download a Tree Friendly Community application now. For more information, contact Marcia Fox at 302-659-6704 or by email at marcia.fox@state.de.us.