Arbor Day School Poster Contest Winners


The Delaware Forest Service sponsors an annual Arbor Day Poster Contest for schoolchildren in grades K-5 in all public, private, home, and charter schools. The contest theme was “Trees are Terrific… Inside and Out!”

This year, Rain Vasey, a fourth-grader at Watergirl Farm Academy in Lincoln, Sussex County was the Overall State Winner of the 2015 Arbor Day Poster Contest.


Kindergarten: Kara Maloney, Harlan Elementary, Wilmington

Grades 1 to 2: Karina Gendron, Jennie Smith Elementary, Newark

Grades 3 to 4: Elena Garber, Christ the Teacher, Newark

Grade 5: Ben Sekowski, Christ the Teacher, Newark


Kindergarten: McKenzie Slaton, Maj. George Welch Elementary, Dover

Grades 1 to 2: Madisyn Woods, Nellie H. Stokes Elementary, Dover

Grades 3 to 4: Liam Wilson, Clayton Elementary, Clayton

Grade 5: Sofia Estrada, Clayton Intermediate, Clayton


Kindergarten: Sydney Johnson, Phillip C. Showell Elementary, Selbyville

Grades 1 to 2: Yael Rivas, Lord Baltimore Elementary, Ocean View

Grades 3 to 4: Rain Vasey, Watergirl Farm Academy, Lincoln

Grade 5: Mercy Winston, Winston Learning Academy, Milford


For more information Email: Ashley Peebles

The 2015 contest theme was “Trees are Terrific… Inside and Out” – designed to increase student knowledge about how the structural components of trees and how these components help a tree function. This lesson can be adapted for grades K to 5 and makes an excellent addition to units covered in science. The poster contest is an annual way for students to learn more about the role trees play in our communities and schoolyards. The Arbor Day Poster Contest also helps incorporate the importance of trees into classroom learning and help students foster an appreciation for the natural world around them. As always, the Delaware Forest Service also provides all participating classes with free loblolly pine seedlings.

Important dates:

State Award Ceremony: May 1, 2015

2014 winning posters:

Seedling delivery: week of April 20, 2015

2015 Arbor Day in Delaware: April 24