Partnership Tree Planting Grants for Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay New2Partnership Tree Planting Grants – Chesapeake Bay Watershed only

Trees provide people with many natural benefits: cleaner air and water, reduced storm-water runoff and soil erosion, and priceless natural beauty. Trees have also been shown to improve property values and enhance community well-being. That’s why the Delaware Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program is seeking to partner with nonprofit groups to improve Delaware in these ways. The U&CF Program will award eight (8) grants in the amount of $1000 each.

Requirements for Tree Planting Grants

  • Must be a certified 501(c)(3) organization based in the State of Delaware. Common types include nonprofit religious, educational, charitable, scientific, or literary organizations
  • Must own land located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed with a parcel registered in your name that appears on your county’s tax parcel list (must provide parcel number)
  • Must provide a 50-50 cost-share match in either cash or in-kind services. Sufficient volunteer hours for planning, organizing, and carrying out the project can meet this requirement without a need for cash

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Benefits of Tree Planting Grants

  • Grants can be a no-cost* way to beautify and enhance your organization’s campus and grounds
  • Tree planting projects can bring your organization’s membership together to benefit the environment
  • Organizations need match about 47 hours of volunteer time to meet requirements for a $1000 grant

Technical Assistance For Grant Projects
Delaware Forest Service staff will offer assistance at every stage of the tree planting project:

  • Meet with organizations to discuss their project
  • Identify a suitable site for the tree planting
  • Select the best species for the particular location
  • Help to calculate the volunteer hours and services for grant match so the project can take place at no cost
  • Schedule a planting day in the spring of 2015
  • Purchase and deliver the trees to the actual site
  • Oversee the planting and recommend steps for follow-up care of your new treesGrant Application Deadline was Feb. 27, 2015

How to Apply

  • If you think your church or organization would benefit from the Partnership Tree Planting Grant and you can meet the grant requirements for a 50-50 cost match (can be met by volunteer hours at no cost to your group), then you are invited to apply by contacting the program administrator:
  • Kesha Braunskill, Delaware Forest Service
    Urban and Community Forestry Program
    Phone – (302) 698-4578
    Email –