Delaware’s Urban and Community Forestry Program offers a variety of educational initiatives:

  1. to help people appreciate and become informed about the wide variety of tree species available
  2. to educate the public about the many benefits that trees provide our communities
  3. to provide technical and informational assistance to help citizens improve overall tree health by minimizing the negative impact of invasive and non-native plants and other tree pests
  4. to highlight the rich history of trees and their important social and economic contributions to Delaware’s culture and way of life
Tree pruning

Annual Arborist Seminar

The 7th Annual Delaware Arborist and Tree Care Seminar will be held October 30 and 31, 2017 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. The event will include vendor exhibits and outdoor demonstrations. Continuing education credits for International Society of Arboriculture certification, Maryland Tree Expert credits, and Delaware pesticide credits will be offered. Cost is …

William T Jones the Holly Man

Delaware – “Land of Holly”

On May 1, 1939, Delaware Governor Richard McMullen signed a bill passed by the General Assembly designating the American holly as the First State’s official state tree, a recognition not only of the tree’s natural beauty, but also of its economic importance. “On Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we called the Pennsylvania Railroad the ‘Holly …


Wood is Good… For Heat

On cold winter days, burning firewood can be a great choice for heating a home or residence. However, it’s important to remember a few things about buying and using firewood for heat. Buying Firewood The most important thing to remember about firewood sales is that they must be measured in cords. The only legal method of …

Rachel MAckey, a 4-H volunteer from Kent County with an interest in beekeeping, helped set up the new hives at the Blackbird State Foirest Education Center. Five frames from an existing colony are put into the new hive, along with five empty frames that will give the colony room to expand their "brood" and make honey.

Blackbird Forest bee hives

“Trees for Bees”  was theme for National Pollinator Week (June 20-26, 2016) State officials hope a new addition at Blackbird State Forest’s Education Center in Smyrna will become a “hive of activity” as its occupants get “busy as bees” teaching visitors about the natural environment, the valuable role bees play in crop pollination and honey production, and how forests and flowering tree species can …